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My RULES are simple, Abide by them and we can all learn somthing, which is my main purpose of this site, Knowlege.

1. I reserve the right to impose and create rules as I see fit or as I see a need for them to be put in place.

2. Anything related to Dog fighting after 1976 will not be tolerated the post will get deleted and the creater of the thread

    will be banned.

3. Be respectful, this was a gentlemens sport at one time and I would prefer things stay civil. This very rule will be

    enforced with an iron fist! Argue with the posts not the posters.

4. No calling of weights, personal attacks, terroristic threats towards ANY member. I would prefer you did that elsewhere! 

5. This site is a members only site and I reserve the right to revoke any membership due to the breaking of my RULES! 

    There are no ands, ifs or buts in my world. Only threads and posts I feel are productive to this sites well being will be 

    tolerated, I don't want people knocking on my door because a member decided they wanted to be internet gangsters 

    and threaten or try to start trouble with any members of this site. Again be civil.

6. No spaming, internet scaming, credit card fraud, slander or any form of unproductive or illegal behavior will be

    tolerate, it will get you culled!

7. Please include a Topic Title to your Threads so people can decide if they want to read it or not.

8. Two subjects I don't want discussed here are Religion and Politics, in my expierence, Neither of these topics last long

    before an all out argument follows so please keep those subjects of my fourm!

9. If your selling something here it better be owned by you or you have the owners permission to post the item up for sale,

   this is common sence, you can't sell what you don't own..

10. No dry snitching or name dropping here! This is an important one to me, I would rather shut this site down than to read

      about one of my members being arrested due to something posted and investigated because of something said here.

      Initals are ok but full names are not.

Very easy RULES to follow in my opinion, keep it civil, keep it factual and we can all have a good time learning something new.......

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Site has been fully updated as of 7-26-19. Thank you all who have visited!

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