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To me one of the most important aspects of our sport is culling. Sure does sound easy enough. Unfortunately, it isn't! Go to far and run the risk of losing a good one, not far enough and face the ugly truth when everyone is watching.

When culling stock there are certain things I like to watch for:

First one is ABILITY, probably the easiest to see and usually the quickest. To compete in the fast lane you will need a dog with some ability to win a high percentage of shows.

Second is WIND, you can't scratch if you can't breathe. I don't give a damn how game you are!

Third one is STYLE, what are they stifle dogs, chest dogs, can they play defense, will they pace themselves or just self destruct. This is key in how I will put them in keep. Different strokes for different folks. It's no different with these dogs.

Another is TRAITS, when running a family of dogs there are certain traits that will be passed on from generation to generation. Running the Gr. Ch. Hank blood for so many years, I have seen different characteristics. One such example is TURNING. I can't tell you how many good ones got ruined because of this. Most dogmen see Ol' Rover turn and they just know he's going to quit. Wellhe did quit, but chances are with proper schooling we may have had ourselves a good one.

Be careful and study you bloodlines. Know your family of dogs. Hell Gr. Ch. Hank, Gr. Ch. King Arthur, Ch. Joker, and countless others from this family all turned like tops at times but they wouldn't stop.

The last one, but by far, and to me the most important is GAMENESS. Everyone has there own opinion on what game is or dead game is and that's fine, but if you're breeding these dogs that are not properly checked, it will show. Lord knows it's hard to get game ones when you try to do everything right. So lying to yourself and your breeding program will only decrease your chances. Remember, most dogs won't have all the tools, so to speak. But when you do get one that does it all, cherish it because, it could be a long time before the next great one comes around.

Beware of keeping this one and that one because they are well bred, (I've been guilty of this and it just don't work out) pretty papers won't win one single match, so keep the best and CULL the rest!



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