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The Urban Dogman..

Watch out for the urban dogman..They are a small group of individualsor a small kennel living in the city and suburbs surrounded by othersalike within a few circumference..They do not have big fancy names andthey are known by few,but they are as dangerous as a sleepinggiant..They are slow to rise,but always ready to challenge the fastlanekennels..They do not have 30 dogs,because they only need one to make aimpact in the sport..I have always respected these type of dogmenbecause of the obstacles they must endure to raise dogs and that is whyI am writing this article..I can relate to their situation,because thisis how I started myself..


The UD does not have the room or the facilities to raise a lot ofdogs..He/she alsways has eyes watching him/her because they are alwayssurrounded by nosey neighbors..Although in the hood,you seldom hear ofneighbors complaining and ratting out their next door neighbor..Ipersonally know dogmen who raise dogs in the hood and I never her themcomplaining about having those problems..The good thing about raisingdogs in a urban enviorment is that you can place dogs in differentpeoples hands all within the same neighborhood..Your whole yard can bespread on one block..The late Andre Giroux lived in Montreal,canadawhere he was unable to keep more than maybe 3 dogs at his apartmanyhouse..Fortunatley he was able to spread out his dogs everywhere andhas 1 GrCh, 4 ROM, and too many champions to count..My friend CaptPunishment also believes in this method of raising dogs and he was verysuccessful in the dogs..


There are pros and cons to raising dogs in the city..To boot it is moredifficult than raising dogs in the country..You have to worry aboutkeeping the place clean because of the smell that will travel,you haveto worry about where you are going to get rid of the feces,controllingthe barking situation,all while staying low key..I know most willcontain their dogs droppings and put it out for the garbage to pickup,but if that bag rips once see if your garbage man will pick thatshit up again..Contrary to living in the country where you can justthrow that shit n the woods..Sometimes,especially in the summer youhave to clean up 2x a day..No matter where your yard is you should becleaning at least 1x a day..I know that when living in the country youcan get away with not cleaning up because there are no neighbors whocatch down wind of the smell,but it is not healthy for thedogs..Staying low key is hard no matter where you live..People in thisgame talk more about each other than housewives do and that isalot..Besides the fraternity,neighbors always catch wind of what youare doing..Some people dont mind the barking,while others think 2 barksa day is a nussiance..No matter where you go there is always someone tocomplain about the barking..I moved from the suburbs to the ountry totry to avoid any more barking complaints..I live on over 20 acres andcan you believe that I have a neighbor that complains about thebarking..My other neighbor who I cannot see but I can hear his kennelof dogs barking consistently and this guy does not care about thebarking..Our dogs are equally distanced from this guy..So it does notmatter where you go with your kennel,what does matter is how tolerantyour neighbor is or how prejudice they are towards are breed..


I also believe one attribute to conditioning dogs in the city isnoise..It is important that a show dog is aware of all types ofnoises..This will help any bulldog break away from their shycharacteristics which will help 100% on show day..Bring a dog that hasbeen trainig in the country and when you go to the box he is lookingaround and acting spooky..I enjoy conditioning dogs in the countrybecause it is serene and there are plenty of different exercises youcan incorperate into you regimen..You can ride on 4 wheelers next toyour dog,have him pull chains,run them on catmills,swimming,and otherforms of exercing..try to do these things in public and they will lockyou up..For instance:


I was once working a dog on a springpole in a industrial center..Ifound a secluded section off to the side with tree branches hanging ata perfect height..This dog I was working was named Zeus,a real nast manbiter..He was inbred for 2 generations going back to Sorrell's CrazySnookie and Killen's Cid..This dog did not even need the spring,I wouldjust hang the rope from the tree and he would jump off his feet,bitethe rope and hang in the air..Well as Im watching the dog hang from thetree this cop comes flying around the corner with his lights on andjumps out with his gun drawn..he takes a double look and isastaonished..Appearantly he had got a call that I was hanging thedog..He hung around watch my dog work the rope and asked where he couldget a dog like that..


For many years the UD's have been succeeding in this sport..i wouldlike to mention some that would inspire many,but not everyone likes tobe mentioned espeacially now..It is usually the way one can start upand get his feet wet so to speak..You do not need 30 dogs to be athreat to the fraternity..You need a handful of show dogs to workwith..Take the proven stock,breed them,stay patient for 2yrs and you'llhave your next fleet of prospects..keep your yard healthy,contain thenoise,and only keep the best..Believe me,you dont have to find a bigparcell to increase the size of your yard..Big yards lead to bigbills,big responsibilities,and big problems..You keep a small yard andyou are better off finding someone that will take care of your dogs ifyou want to go away..Try finding someone who will feed 30 dogs..Anothergood aspect is you can spend more time with your dogs,compaired to abig yard where you tend to overlook the slightest problem..


Its alwasy exciting to watch the underdog win,whether it is dogscompeting or kennels competing..So dont underestimate the urbandogman,because there are many who have great dogs and they are notscared to compete..


This was written by the Ghost Writer and was taken from a SDJ..



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