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This was a very interesting topic on another forum I enjoy and I though I would post it here to see what people have to say about it themselves. I'll start it off, I will be saving myself some time by just copy and pasteing what I responded to this question on it's original forum since it is my answer to this question..........

Simply put:

For the love of the dog.

The longer version:

It started when I was about 11 years old, I seen my first one and I was hooked. I tried to convince my parents to let me get one as we were wanting a family dog because our Sheltie of 16 years had just passed. My parents were, what I would call the stertotypical general public type, so of course the answer was no. So I read everything I could get my hands on the APBT, I meet anyone I could find that had them and started frindships that would later turn into future collaborations. I did everything I could to convince my parents they were not what the public portrays. I brought home pups from friends and proved everything they thought of Bulldogs to be wrong. Anyways lets fast foward a bit.

Just a note:

I ended up with a bred out the ass Smooth Coat Collie whoms pedigree would make anyone who knows how to read a pedigree regardless of breed, blush....All the while, continuing to make contacts and studing anything I could find on APBT's.

I graduated High School, moved to Pittsburgh to go to school and within 2 months had my first real dog I like to say,


A ball of fire that made me look at dogs a total different way ever since. He would be across the 16 before you let go I shit you not, EVERY TIME. He had no lungs but he made up for it with heart and ability. And while his pedigree don't amount to shit when I look at it today, I assure you, He made his pedigree, not the other way around.

I have dedicated (as my ol lady likes to say obsessivley) the last 15 years of my life to preserving what I see as an endangerd animal. I've learned alot in the 20 years. I have been infatuated with the breed and continue to learn about them on a daily basis for almost as long as I can remember. I got into breeding about 10 years ago. I never seem to make money off it nor do I really try to, I work for a living so I don't need to make money off my dogs. Take my Mia bred to Geachimen pups, I didn't make a dime on that breeding and had around $1,200.00 wrapped up into it, as you can see, not very profitable minded when it comes to the dogs. I want them in the right hands which makes me very leary as to who gets dogs from me, that is most important to me. Most times than not they stay in our circle. I have a strong determination to preserve this breed of breeds, and to be able to pass them down, something I created due to years of learning, studying, blood, sweat, tears even incarceration, to one of my children to carry on. That is what I feel my purpose with this breed is.......

On a last note, My parents absoultely, positively with no doubt, love my dogs, every one of them I have ever had, so I did manage to change my biggest critics mind on the Breed which was an accomplishment in itself.....


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