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ak kennel
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hello my name is andrew. I am 25 years old i have a 9 month old son that is my world. I ve been in this wonderful breed all of my life. My father and grand father both bread and train this wonderful breed. i have a total of 5 apbt. One 9 years male named riot tight bolio. a 6.5 year old male name kujo an rbj. 5 year old male named fluffy kujo's son fluffy is a rbj top bolio bottom. 3.5 year old female name sassy rbj. And a 13 month old male named sarge rbj. thank andrew
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Welcome and thanks for joining, things are slow here but we'll get it poppin.:wink:


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ak kennel
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dont worry agk i am injoying my self by read good post. Not like the other site. ( what u think about my ped or y does my boy eat grass) bs. post
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welcome to he site ..



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Whats shakin!? My name is T.J. Im a father of 2 (9 n 4) with another on the way. I got my 1st dog 6yrs ago an have spent the last 5yrs extensively researching an finding out all I can about this wonderful,beautiful,an intelligent breed. I only have a few on the yard. . .with a few more around! I speak only on what I know,an ask educated questions on things I don't. I value honesty,trust an loyalty. . .My gameness has been tested an PROVEN.My abilities overwelm EVERYTIME. My dogs are a reflection of me.  


                       -KEEP IT THORO 

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